£20 per session
90 minute session
6 Week Course
All Equipment Provided

Introduction to Computer / Digital Graphics (Adult)

Code: INTCG002

Who is the course for?

Traditional art has remained as popular as ever but new digital art forms have come into being which not only provide pleasure through a hobby, but have become key to many areas of the creative industries. Whether those industries are advertising, publication of written materials, web-design, game creation or film making, the use of computers can only increase and diversify even further as time progresses.

This course is designed to be an advantage to those who not only wish to expand their traditional skills into the digital environment, but also to those who wish to look at the digital arts as a possible career choice.

What will I learn?

This introduction course is designed to look at many areas of computer and digital graphics and not specialise too soon - there are many basic concepts to cover, including many which do not have a traditional art form equivalent:

  • An exploration of the difference between bitmap and vector based digital art.
  • The concepts of layers and filters.
  • The concept of file formats, resolution and other aspects of digital art storage.
  • An exploration of 2D and 3D digital art using a range of freely available software.
  • The merging of the 2D and 3D worlds through the creation and texturing of simple 3D constructs.
  • The use of readily available pr-built resources to create art.
  • The presentation of digital graphics, from hard-copy to on-line presentation.

How long is this course?

This course is structured as 6 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes in length.

All computer equipment is provided in class as part of the course, and all software used is freely available from the Internet for use at home.

Is there additional learning?

Because of the nature of the course, there are additional uses of communications such as presentations and working as a team.

Where might this course lead?

This course is intended as a booster - providing a head start into digital graphics for academia, a potential career path and simply as part of their private use of digital graphics as a hobby.

This course is also ideal as an introduction to the other more specialised digital graphics courses offered by Edukus, such as the integration of digital graphics into film making and in the creation of animated works and games.

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