Edukus prefer teach in small numbers in a purpose built off-grid classroom set in the garden environment of a family home. While a cheaper alternative to hiring large classroom accommodation (which does not have to be passed on), this choice was part of a conscious goal to limit class sizes to a very small and comfortable number in which all students, children and adult, could feel that they could get to know and interact with the other students and the teacher. In our setup, we can switch from a more conventional 5-seat desk layout in various formats, all the way down to laid-back, bean-bag slouch-discussions.

We ultimately called this Boutique Education.

We have space for up to six students at a maximum, but prefer 4 or 5 as a norm. This allows us to deliver core academic tuition, but also room to undertake meaningful practical learning where everyone can be involved with a purposeful goal.


Larger Courses

If you require a larger course, ranging from 5 to 30, Edukus also teach at facilities provided by Midkent College. The campus provides a number of facilities above classroom environments, including cafes and ample parking.


Where Are We?

Edukus are primarily based in a purpose built garden classroom, behind a conventional family home, just North of the river in the Medway Towns. We can travel to give classes to [our] normal sized groups, but at present Edukus do not conduct 1:1 tutoring.

Access to the area is ideal from both the Medway Tunnel and Wainscott by-pass (A289), and therefore leading on to the A2 / M2 running both East and West, as well as the A229 running South towards Maidstone. Access from the Hoo Penninsula is close by, with the main arterial road into the peninsula being right on our doorstep.