Learning Environment and Equipment

Edukus only deliver education in our smalls scale 'Boutique Education' format - we believe in classes only of 4 to 6 students, and therefore do not need large classroom space, often in an impersonal building over which we have little or no control.

By delivering education using a purpose-built garden-based classroom, we maintain complete control over a comfortable learning environment in which students are more likely to become involved and participate in sessions.


All equipment, hardware and software required for Edukus courses is provided by Edukus. This includes cameras and full kit for the film making courses, as well as powerful laptops for all courses requiring IT equipment.

If you want to bring your own equipment (e.g. a camera, a laptop, or a tablet), please remember that this equipment is brought at your own risk and can not be the responsibility of either Edukus or Edukus' insurance.

Remember however, that this does not include writing materials - always ensure that you have writing materials to make notes of your learning!


Edukus have a policy that all software used to teach on an Edukus course, unless the course is about a specific piece of software (e.g. 'Learning to use Word') is either free to students or is Open Source and free for general use to everyone.

We will provide all software on the laptops required in class for IT and Graphics courses. We will also provide links to this same software which can be downloaded onto your own equipment at home for study outside the classroom.


In an attempt to care for the environment, we try as much as possible to run the classroom as an off-grid environment and set an example to our students. While there is more than enough power for our needs, and we deliberately use laptop computers so that they can be charged elsewhere using environmentally friendly power sources, our stored power is intended to see all course needs throughout the day. Adding further demand, such as charging computers is not currently an option.

While we intend to implement a land-line power system to the classroom in the future, this will be for specific, high-power reasons of future courses and is only ever intended to be an emergency or supplementary system.